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March 2011 Feature Article: BlackHat Japanning

Published By: ESET, LLC.
Published:  Apr 27, 2011
Length:  11 pages

As Urban Schrott wrote: “…with every major natural disaster in the recent past, be it Indian ocean tsunamis, hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, the recent Christchurch earthquake, several waves of online fraud have appeared. The succession of earthquakes and tsunami that has hit Japan and affected us all in one way or another is no exception.”

David Harley also blogged early on about the inevitability of criminal use of the Japanese disaster as a social engineering hook to use against the rest of us in order to make illicit profits, and shortly after put together a resource blog that gathered together a variety of sources of useful information. As that blog has been maintained purely chronologically, here is a shorter version with some resources listed by type.

Resources for reducing the risk of falling for the many fake donation scams that have been reported:

  • Charity Navigator offers independent evaluation of charities.
  • IRS online charities search.
  • Ben Parr for Mashable: Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: 7 Simple Ways to Help
  • FTC Charity Checklist.

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