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Automating Active Directory - NRG Case Study

Published By: NetIQ
Published:  Dec 08, 2011

Active Directory administration and management can be time consuming, error prone and lead to security vulnerabilities due to the lack of control in native tools. This lack of control can easily result in interrupted user access to critical resources and business services leading to downtime and lost productivity.

Learn more about Automating Active Directory in this informative webcast and how it enables security and administration professionals to automate simple and complex repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable IT resources as well as reducing the opportunity for human error. As well as our own expert, NRG Energy's, Lou Klubenspies will provide a user perepective for an informative new webinar on automating your Active Directory Management, including:

* How to automate provisioning and de-provisioning;
* How to automate your Attestation (compliance) Review;
* How to automate Google Apps provisioning;
* How to automate Just in Time delegation.

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