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Learn How to Properly Nurture Leads and Build Brand Reputation

Published By: Eloqua
Published:  Jan 13, 2012
Length:  12 pages

Our Grande Guide series of e-books is all about delivering subject matter proficiency in about the time it takes to drink your 16-ounce morning coffee. This Grande Guide explores one of the most important processes in marketing: Lead Nurturing.

Successful lead nurturing anticipates the needs of the buyer based on who they are (using profile characteristics like title, role, industry, etc.) and where they are at in the buying process. Nurturing keeps prospects engaged by providing relevant content (such as white papers or webinars) that are the best fit for their situation.

Lead nurturing is about helping buyers along in their educational journey. If done well, nurturing can build strong brand loyalty long before a prospect is ready to buy.

We'll take you through the basics of lead nurturing, and will provide with tip and tricks, as well as best practices to build a successful nurturing strategy.

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