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The Top 5 Consumer-Driven Trends in Retail

Published By: Bazaarvoice
Published:  Jan 24, 2013
Length:  8 pages

To compete in the new environment of always connected, highly informed consumers, retailers need to leverage five trends to realize higher conversions and larger transaction sizes. Find out how you can apply these 5 trends to your business.

  1. Retailers that embrace and facilitate social where customers are discovering, considering, and buying, can increase wallet share.
  2. Millenials are driving the way retailers think about consumers and create shopping experiences.
  3. With mobile, consumers have become an always-on opportunity for retailers to tap.
  4. Retailers with a successful omnichannel strategy will experience less showrooming and achieve greater market share across all channels.
  5. Big data will allow retailers to change the consumer experience, boost conversions, and improve margins.

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