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The Role of Analytics in Personalisation

Published By: Adobe
Published:  Mar 07, 2013
Length:  9 pages

Do you treat customers uniquely, recognising their individual preferences that encourage them to stick around and come back often? The ability to reflect your customers' stated and unstated needs should be one of your highest priorities.

Use customer analytics to get personal:

According to Forrester Research, when companies successfully personalise their content and offerings, the rewards pay off in huge ways—including significant boosts in customer retention and return.

This Forrester Research report discusses:

  • Testing to refine a relevant customer experience
  • Four ways to use analytics to increase personalisation
  • Deciding when and what to customise

Keep them coming back:

Your customers expect personalised experiences. If you want to outpace your competition, then using customer analytics to personalise is a must. Download Forrester's latest research to drive personalised experiences on your site.

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