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The 3 Key Elements to Employee Engagement

Published By: Achievers
Published:  Nov 08, 2013
Length:  38 pages

What makes up the trifecta of employee engagement?

It takes your senior leaders, the manager and the employee all collectively working together to drive engagement within an organization. The Human Capital Institute (HCI) and Achievers recently wrote a research report exploring how these three key elements work together to increase performance, dedication and productivity in a workforce.

In The Trifecta of Engagement learn how:

  • Organization/Senior Leaders can set the tone and lead by example
  • Managers can support and value the strengths of employees
  • Employees can show their support to engagement efforts.

Employee engagement is a team effort, but it requires a commitment from all three areas to be effective. Download your copy of our report and take the first step to real engagement in your company!

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