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Communicating to Win and Keep Customers

Published By: Vindicia
Published:  Sep 23, 2014
Length:  17 pages

With people overloaded with blogs, email, text messages, and social network updates, gaining the attention of customers is increasingly difficult. Consider that an average email user receives 75 legitimate emails and 10 spam emails each day1 (that’s not including all the gunk caught in quarantine folders). Your communications need to rise above the noise. But how? At Vindicia, we help some of the world’s leading B2C companies communicate with their customers. Vindicia solutions handle subscription and recurring billing in ways that make customer acquisition and retention easier. Our solutions deliver. That’s why we’ve processed more than 143 million credit cards and more than $6 billion in subscription and recurring payments for digital goods and services providers. Along the way, we’ve facilitated millions of communications with the consumers who use our clients’ products. Through the years, we’ve compiled a number of communication best practices that we routinely share with clients that offer subscription and recurring digital services. Our views are based on what we know works. Read this ebook to learn the basics of what we’ve discovered abou communicating with consumers.

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