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10 Ways You Can Reenergise Your Web Analytics

Published By: Adobe
Published:  Oct 30, 2014
Length:  16 pages

To online marketers and data analysts the emergence of web analytics was a watershed moment. Until that point, the only way to determine how well your website was functioning was by going through rows of log files to find clues about conversion rates and click-throughs. This manual activity meant plenty of effort for potentially little gain

Now that consumers expect to connect to your organisation at any time, across any device, web analytics are more important than ever. But somewhere along the way, organisations have lost enthusiasm in their web analytics programs. Web analytics teams now dread asking for renewal money for web analytics that are not producing the ROI that they used to.

Download this guide to read the 6 reasons why web analytics fail in the first place, followed by 10 ways that you can reenergise your web analytics.

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