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Mobile Guide: Strategy & Development

Published By: Mobify
Published:  Feb 20, 2015
Length:  17 pages

Focus on the needs of your readers. This can be effectively accomplished by leading with the problems your solution overcomes, rather than the actual solution itself. This might seems counterintuitive, but it really is just the opposite. By focusing on the pain points experienced by the reader and talking about the problems caused by those pains, you are establishing credibility with the reader and simultaneously filtering out unqualified customers.

Succeeding in a mobile-first world starts with looking inward – to your mobile strategy.

For a mobile strategy to effectively increase revenue, build brand equity and support customer engagement, it needs to be integrated with both your broader digital strategy and your organization’s marketing goals. Yet, only 17% of marketers report that their  organization’s mobile efforts are aligned with its overall marketing roadmap and 31% say their firm lacks a mobile strategy entirely.

These are frightening statistics in an increasingly omnichannel world.

Mobify’s Mobile Strategy Development Guide is aimed at retailers in the process of developing a mobile strategy or invested in upgrading their current strategy to meet customer expectations and incorporate emerging mobile technology. In this guide, you’ll discover: 

  • How to build a solid business case to win senior management buy-in
  • How to effectively assign responsibilities in the strategy development process
  • How to analyze your competitors’ mobile initiatives for best practices and lessons learned
  • How to identify the right metrics to measure strategy success

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