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Capturing hearts, minds and market share

Published By: IBM
Published:  Aug 18, 2015
Length:  24 pages

As a general rule of thumb, the cost of acquiring new customers is four times that of retaining existing ones. To grow market share, insurers need new customers. But for the balance sheet, retention has a much larger impact.

For a long time, the insurance industry did not consider this a problem. In the highly asymmetrical pre-Internet world, there was a necessary gatekeeper to information and knowledge about risks and coverages: the insurance intermediary. For insurers, the intermediarys trusted personal customer relationship was a guarantee of fairly reliable renewals and low customer churn thus, keeping the most profitable customers.

The technological innovations of the digital age have altered this picture. Information asymmetry is diminishing. Although many customers still seek advice on insurance matters, the empowered digital customer does not need to rely solely on the gatekeepers of old for information. With communication being swift and ubiquitous, misinformation is quickly uncovered, leading to a steady erosion of trust, even with the personal advisor and insurer.

What do insurers need to do to increase trust and customer retention with the intent of improving both the top and bottom lines? The findings of our survey point to three courses of action:

  • Know your customers better
  • Offer compelling customer value
  • Fully engage your customers across access points.

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