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Measure the Success of Your Marketing Programs

Published By: Meltwater
Published:  Oct 14, 2015
Length:  17 pages

Picture a world where everyone on your marketing team has the information they need to be successful. Each team member uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to set ambitious but achievable goals—and everyone knows exactly where their programs stand.

This world is no longer a fantasy—it’s as real as the screen in front of you. Take a journey with us to unlock the gates and let the data come streaming through.

Download our e-book for overview of data-centric marketing, including:

  • KPIs for Comms, Digital, and Customer Marketing Specialists
  • Tools you can use to measure these KPIs
  • Techniques for reporting performance and success in meaningful, visually engaging ways

Everyone needs something to strive for to keep them on track. When you (or your boss) are wondering if you’re doing a good job, you’ll now have the tools to measure your performance and push yourself to reach new heights.

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