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The Accidental Intrapreneur: Becoming the Knowledge Center CEO

Published By: Factiva
Published:  Nov 13, 2015
Length:  8 pages

In a world where you can ask your smartphone for directions to your destination or for a diagnosis of a troubling medical symptom, conversations about the value of curated information and professional information services take on a new urgency. No longer is it enough for knowledge centers to have highly-skilled information professionals providing the best, most authoritative information to clients. Now, you have to take a more strategic approach to the role of the knowledge center within your larger organization.

Effectively differentiating your services from all the other information sources available to your clients means developing the mindset of an intrapreneur, someone who brings the innovative, risktaking approach of an entrepreneur into an organization and always looks at ways to provide higher value to clients. You are, in essence, running a small enterprise within your larger organization; always responding to new competitive pressures, finding out clients’ new needs, and creating new services that best meet those needs.

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