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Simplify Your Cloud Adoption Journey with IBM Cast Iron

Published By: IBM
Published:  Mar 31, 2016

Is ‘Integration’ becoming a barrier to cloud adoption and preventing you from getting there fast? With Cloud adoption gaining momentum, the diversity as well as complexity of cloud integration use cases is on the rise. The right integration strategy is the single most important determinant of success. IBM’s leading cloud integration offering—IBM Cast Iron—is constantly evolving to address the changing cloud landscape. Cast Iron has been an integration platform of choice for enterprises of all sizes, across different industry verticals. Its simple configuration-based ‘no coding’ approach and extensive pre-built connectors and templates make it suitable for emerging bi-modal IT teams. Cast Iron supports the complete spectrum of Cloud Integration use cases—from data migration to bi-directional sync, from API centric invocation style to eventbased integrations.

Join us to learn the newer platform features and enhancements and how IBM Cast Iron can help you embrace cloud, paving the way for reduced cost and increased returns on your cloud investments. 

Who Should Attend This webcast: business and technical audience

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