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Trigger-based Learning Takes Hold

SumTotal, a Skillsoft Company
Published:  Jun 24, 2016
Length:  4 pages

In the latest developments in technology for HCM, Nucleus sees an inexorable march to upend conventional approaches to on-the-job learning. Training scheduled around static variables such as regulatory policy or company initiatives, for instance, is one-dimensional. This type of learning will persist. The emergence of prescriptive analytics made possible by real-time data models, however, makes trigger-based, in-the-moment learning possible (Nucleus Research p199 – The coming mass extinction in HCM, November 2015). Further supporting this are social media–style user interfaces (UIs), which promote continual collaboration. It’s learning that happens whenever an employee needs it, not when the organization or law decrees it. Data across HCM prompts these triggers.

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