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Engaging Consumers Through Content, Contests & Community Building

Published By: Wyng
Published:  Jul 28, 2016
Length:  11 pages

Despite the fact that consumers check their social accounts 17 times a day, it’s virtually impossible for them to keep up with the volume of content being produced. In a world where billions of photos and videos are shared by consumers on social media platforms every day, brands often find themselves struggling to cut through the clutter to reach their target audiences. So what is a marketer to do? In order to engage with consumers in a meaningful way that doesn’t merely add to noise, marketers need to focus on their customers’ needs and emotions over the brand’s products.

A methodology that embodies this school of thought is Participation Marketing, which centers around brands understanding what motivates, interests, and connects their consumers in order to create experiences that entice consumers to participate with the brand.

Participation Marketing can be broken down into a two step process— Inspire & Leverage—and is designed to effectively engage consumers on an on-going basis. When done correctly, it has been proven to build meaningful relationships with customers that ultimately drives advocacy and community building.

Throughout this eBook, we’ll dive into examples of exemplary brands that have mastered the art of Participation Marketing, and leverage it as a key strategy to engage and inspire their audiences.

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