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Thriving in the Era of Digital Banking

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Comcast Business
Published:  Jan 23, 2017
Length:  5 pages

Technology has provided its share of pros and cons for the financial services industry. On one hand, it has created a level of transparency between customers and their financial health, giving them access to their account information and enabling them to apply for loans, transfer funds, pay bills and withdraw funds with the click of a mouse or the push of a few buttons. On the other hand, it has changed consumers’ expectations regarding banking as a whole, expecting a level of service other online sites provide, such as immediate customer assistance and problem resolution.

 Digital banking is helping financial institutions meet and exceed those customer expectations, from financial offerings personalized to a customer’s needs to social media interaction and even providing third-party amenities. Download this whitepaper to learn why financial institutions must provide a seamless, connected experience customers have come to expect with the required level of security and compliance.