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On-Demand Video: Increasing Billable Hours While Keeping Your Clients Happy

Published By: Polycom
Published:  Mar 27, 2017

Engineering firms are under increasing pressure to deliver on billable ratios, while the IT teams that support them are asked to minimize their administrative burden on the firm.

What if a lead engineer could visit a job site without leaving the office? What if you could meet face-to-face with clients, partners, or subcontractors more frequently while budgeting less for travel costs?

Watch this video to learn how collaboration technology allows you to be more agile, efficient, and effective.

There are three major levers that the leadership within an engineering firm can adjust to improve their billable ratios client communications, problem resolution, and resource management. By implementing the latest collaboration technology in the delivery and cost model that makes the most sense for an organization that sells a service - engineering firms can improve all three levers, vastly improving the number of hours billed to a project in any given day.

With the latest innovations in delivery models, such as cloud and hybrid offerings, and solutions that take advantage of existing investments in collaboration tools like Microsoft Office 365, you can make investments in collaboration technologies without unwieldy, upfront capital expenses. These models are accessible and quickly scalable as your business grows.

And unlike other initiatives that increase billability at the expense of client relations, these investments will actually make your clients happier.

In under 30 minutes, we'll explain:

  • Common use cases for video collaboration - going way beyond team meetings to the tasks at the heart of engineering
  • Collaboration solution innovations - if you think an expensive, wall-mounted, on-premises solution is your only option, you may be surprised by what's available
  • Success stories - hear how a leading engineering firm is putting these solutions to use and the impact it has on their business

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