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It Takes More Than Good Instincts to Grow Your Business

Published By: Epicor
Published:  Apr 05, 2017
Length:  12 pages

In a survey of 1,500 finance professionals, nearly 50% reported relying on gut instinct rather than hard data to make important business decisions. The 2015 survey—commissioned by Epicor and conducted by Redshift Research Ltd.—also revealed that a majority of CFOs and financial decision-makers are still relying on spreadsheets to interpret business data.

Without adequate data, it’s onerous for leaders to gain the insight they need into the company’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities. In our “Instinct Meets Insight” eBook, you can review the results of the survey in closer detail and explore how a modern financial IT infrastructure—which delivers the right data to the right people and at the right time—can help CFOs and financial decision-makers back up instinct with relevant data they can rely on to help their businesses grow.

The eBook reveals numerous interesting insights, like these:

  • Nearly half of CFOs say they make decisions as opportunities arise—making access to real-time data essential to ensuring success
  • More than 50% of CFOs report that decisions are a collaborative process, involving people outside the finance department—in other words, shared data systems can simplify the decision-making process
  • A third of the respondents attribute bad decisions in the company’s past to poor access to internal data

Get the eBook to find out how you compare to your peers and learn how you can combine instinct and insight with the right business software solution.

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