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Critical Capabilities for Contact Center Infrastructure

Published By: Genesys
Published:  Apr 07, 2017

Contact center infrastructure (CCI) evaluation is a technically complex process. This challenge is further complicated by the different requirements for omnichannel, high availability and integration as part of a customer engagement center (CEC). Get this report now to learn:

  • 9 critical capabilities for evaluating contact center infrastructure
  • 3 use cases that reflect most decisions organizations need to make when looking at CCI multichannel compact suite, high volume call center and customer engagement center
  • Which vendor scores the highest in 3 use cases across 9 capabilities

This report is most appropriate for mid-size to large on-premise contact center environments, from 250 to 5000+ seats. It includes references to cloud capabilities relevant where organizations are looking to utilize existing vendors for transitioning to cloud services. If you are looking to evaluate a contact center platform best suited to deliver competitive omnichannel customer experiences, this report is a must read.


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