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IBV study Why Cog Mfg matters in Electronics

Published By: IBM
Published:  May 31, 2017
Length:  24 pages

What defines cognitive manufacturing maturity? Our study found three stages of cognitive manufacturing maturity. We call those organizations in the earliest stage Observers, followed by Starters and Actives, respectively. These groups differ on two key characteristics: the presence of an overall strategy for cognitive manufacturing, and degree of strategic execution of multiple projects that enable higher project success and significantly fewer failed projects. Strategy is the crucial enabler of higher maturity.

How do manufacturers get beyond the obstacles and barriers to increase cognitive manufacturing maturity? The obstacles encountered by our respondents are tied to organizational maturity. Overcoming them is fundamental to increase cognitive manufacturing success.

In this report, well first describe cognitive computing and how it gives rise to cognitive manufacturing. Then, well review specific study findings and recommend actions for electronics executives.

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