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Manufacturer Saves $700K in Scrap With Help From Epicor Mattec MES Software

Published By: Epicor
Published:  Aug 01, 2017
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Illinois-based manufacturer Plano Molding sought to replace an inefficient, paper-and-pencil performance data collection process with an automated manufacturing execution system. They wanted to gain a real-time look at their production data such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), scrap, uptime and downtime, and cycle times. With their manual processes, they had limited and outdated information—much of it based on observations and guesses rather than facts.

Once Plano Molding added Epicor Mattec MES software, they found they could anticipate and solve production problems before they occurred and choose the most efficient machine for each job. Director of Manufacturing Tom Dimick is thrilled with the capabilities of the manufacturing execution system Plano Molding chose. “The shop floor insights that Mattec provides help our team drive bottom-line growth,” he said.

Scheduling and customer service have also improved since the company gained access to more and deeper insights. They can quickly adapt to changing requirements. “Real-time planning and scheduling insights with Mattec allow us to respond to our customers faster,” Dimick said. Communication across departments is instant, which is especially critical for rush orders.

The most impressive improvement at Plano Molding is their significant scrap savings. Rather than focus on scrap percentage, the Mattec MES solution allows them to evaluate scrap cost savings by very high and very low value products for a true dollar value. By focusing on higher-value areas, they have saved $700,000 in scrap improvements.

Read the Plano Molding success story and learn how Epicor Mattec MES helped them:

  • Drive bottom-line growth with real-time shop floor insights
  • Achieve $700,000 savings in scrap improvements
  • Gain a real-time look at production performance—OEE, scrap, uptime/ downtime, and cycle times
  • Inspire teams with new continuous improvement initiatives
  • Improve their customer experience through better planning and scheduling

Take a closer look at Plano Molding’s story and see how your business might gain efficiencies through modern production software.

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