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A Smarter Process Approach to Accelerating Customer Engagements with Mobile and Social

Published By: IBM
Published:  Oct 19, 2017

Customer engagement has emerged as the most critical competitive factor in the current environment. Fueled by widespread mobile access and constant social connectedness, customers are demanding that every interaction, across every channel, be simple, streamlined and seamless.

High expectations mean high stakes. When options abound and patience is low, customers donít stick around. Companies need to get it right the first time.

This new customer-centric standard and the ability to connect directly with customers is fueling a depth and breadth of enterprise reinvention. Ensuring that every customer experience across every conceivable channel delights and adds value calls for a Smarter Process approach and a new perspective on business process management.

The Smarter Process platform is IBMís solution for reinventing business operations in a way that infuses every process with intelligence and expertise to deliver greater customer centricity, which in turn fuels top-line growth. It incorporates Business Process Management, Case Management, Operational Decision Management and Process Analytics, along with Process Discovery and Design with an objective of ensuring that customers find it easy to do business and that every interaction includes positive touch points.

Within the context of this new imperative, accessing cloud efficiencies, leveraging mobile for greater engagement, mining big data for insights, and enhancing customer relationships via social media, are proving to be critical and interrelated strategies