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For Better Access Governance, Look Beyond Roles to Entitlements

Published By: IBM
Published:  Oct 26, 2017
Length:  8 pages

Not long ago, job roles were relatively easy to define and control. A person was an “accountant” or a “graphic designer” or a “business partner.” But as organizations grew and business software became more sophisticated, new roles were added. “Accountant, New York” might require different access to applications and data than “Accountant, Chicago.” The challenge comes from the recent explosion in the numbers and types of business roles.

IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence sets the stage for business improvement by enabling you to grant the right entitlements to the right people. Using its deep visibility into entitlements, you can better enforce segregation-of-duties policies to ensure that currently authorized users don’t have conflicting entitlements. The IBM approach enables you to govern using business activities—shining a light on complex roles to make management easier for auditors and to simplify governance tasks.

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