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IDC Business Value of Primetime

Published By: Adobe
Published:  Nov 09, 2017

Delivering OTT video continues to become more complex as OTT content providers optimize services to meet business objectives where scale, reach, reliability, and quality of experience are essential elements for the successful deployment of any service. In addition, the use of data and analytics to personalize recommendations, drive targeted advertising, and optimize content and licensing strategies to engage and monetize audiences across the ever-growing list of consumer devices is just as important.

That is why OTT providers need technology solutions that support robust service deployment while allowing for continuous optimization of the user experience. They have a wide array of vendors to evaluate, ranging from those that offer point solutions to those that offer end-toend multiscreen TV platforms.

This white paper analyzes the costs and benefits associated with the Adobe Primetime platform based on in-depth interviews with five programmers that use Primetime to support their delivery of premium video content. IDCís study revealed that since implementing Primetime, the surveyed programmers have increased their average viewer engagement time and are enriching the experience of their viewers by providing higher-quality content and more personalized viewing experiences.