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Marketing to the Future: A CMO's Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Published By: Sprinklr
Published:  Jan 05, 2018
Length:  2 pages

Microsoft General Manager and CMO Grad Conn shared a powerful idea: The conclusion you reach on your own is 1,000 times more powerful than the conclusion someone wants you to reach.

“Classically, in marketing, we’ve told people what we want them to think,” Conn said. “My brand is better, buy me, here’s why.”

Conn’s underlying point – that brands must provide an experience that customers actually enjoy, as opposed to just hoping they elicit a certain response – reflects the steep challenges companies face when it comes to providing excellent experiences to connected and empowered consumers.

“If senior management is not transforming at your company,” he warned. “Leave that company, or wait until they hit that hourglass.” So how do you avoid the bottleneck? For Conn, the answer is cohesion: both in the way that brands treat their customers, and in the technology they use to do so.

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