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Gartner: Access the New Gartner Market Guide!

Published By: SessionM
Published:  Jan 24, 2018

According to Gartnerís Market Guide to Master Data Management of Customer Data Solutions, in 2017, 59% of reference customers voiced some level of requirement for mastering of multiple data domains, up from 42% in 2013. This sharp rise is no doubt due to businesses prioritizing a single view of the customer--a prerequisite to deliver a seamless customer experience--and a failure of ERP and CRM systems to achieve that view. As a result, a new category of technology has emerged: Customer Data Solutions.

Download Gartnerís Market Guide for Master Data Management of Customer Data Solutions to discover:

  • Market definition, analysis, direction and recommendations.  
  • Criteria necessary for evaluating marketing data management solutions.
  • How customer master data sits in the middle of the 360-degree customer view.

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