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The Promise of Industry 4.0

Published By: Epicor
Published:  Feb 23, 2018

Manufacturers—like those in the retail and communications industries—are seeing modern technology and increased customer expectations drive new business models across the industry.

Industry 4.0 is a common name for the strategy that allows companies to automate and digitize the manufacturing process, as well as keep pace with the demands of today’s customers.

By downloading this Epicor-sponsored content, you’ll learn more about Industry 4.0 and how to apply it to your manufacturing business, including:

  • How to deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0—IT can help lay the foundation for delivering on the promise of Industry 4.0 in four major ways—cloud storage, cloud applications, integrated enterprise software, and machine learning-based analytics. The key to it all is learning how to gather and use information reliably, instantly, and with a view of the future.
  • How to prepare your organization for Industry 4.0—preparing your organization won’t happen overnight, but you can set yourself up for success by realizing the full scope of Industry 4.0; ensuring you protect transaction and customer data; helping your business make good, fast decisions; minimizing the burden on your IT resources; and more. The process doesn’t have to be difficult.

Download the content now, and discover how your manufacturing business can keep pace with today’s trends.

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