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A Top U.S. Retail Bank

Published By: SundaySky
Published:  Mar 06, 2018
Length:  9 pages

Card members at this consumer retail bank, enjoy a large variety of products and services. The bank offers standard banking transactions, credit cards, insurance, and investment products. After the 2008 financial crisis, the bank experienced a sharp decline in overall customer satisfaction, and also learned that its customers were more empowered than before.
In order to adapt, the bank adopted a customer-centric approach by introducting:

• A new customer motto: “Know me, value me, make it easy for me, and protect me”
• A new core initiative is to always teach digital first
• An understanding that customers are serviced on the digital channels they prefer to use

SundaySky SmartVideo enables the bank to take a strategic approach to enhancing the customer engagement process with personalized video experiences that welcome new card members and assist them in fully understanding how to get the most out of their new product.