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Top 5 Ways Fleet Safety Technology Protects Your Drivers, Vehicles and Bottom Line

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Published:  May 31, 2018
Length:  6 pages

Safety is a top priority for companies with a fleet of drivers and vehicles. It starts with screening all potential new employees to ensure that they are qualified and have safe driving records. While written safety policies are important, having the ability to see your drivers’ locations and their behaviors behind the wheel is essential in both identifying and preventing risks.

Do you wish that you could sit in the passenger seat of every vehicle in your fleet to watch driver behavior?

With data-driven fleet safety management software from Silent Passenger you can. According to NHTSA, the cause of 94% of collisions is driver error. By monitoring unsafe driver behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, and fast acceleration is key to preserving fleet safety. A reliable fleet safety management software delivers key business intelligence that helps maintain fleet efficiency and productivity on the road.

Improve Safety and Reduce Operational Costs

Running a safer fleet can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line. Reducing operational expenses as a result of unsafe driving behaviors means more profits. Driving safe reduces accidents, which reduces vehicle repair and replacement costs, workers compensation, and possibly lowers insurance premiums. Developing driver safety training will help correct the behaviors that were costing your business hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year.