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IBM IBV: The next-generation platform for banks

Published By: Group M_IBM Q418
Group M_IBM Q418
Published:  Sep 10, 2018
Length:  8 pages

Sophisticated banking requires sophisticated computing systems. But which systems offer the greatest chance for success? Many banks are discovering that the answer can be found within their on-premise data centers – the mainframe computer.

Mainframes have become a modern platform for innovation. When operating in a hybrid cloud environment, mainframes provide cost flexibility, scalability, agility, sophistication and unmatched security. And they support innovation, business transformation and new types of monetization. The power of mainframe computing is being rediscovered. Specifically, in a recent 2017 survey of banking executives, we found that:

  • 50 percent said they believe hybrid cloud – and the systems that underpin it – can significantly lower the cost of IT ownership
  • 47 percent said they believe mainframe enabled hybrid cloud can improve operating margin
  • 47 percent said they believe dual-platform hybrid cloud can accelerate innovation.

While innovation and improved profitability are critical success factors for banks, it is equally important that they maintain business as usual. There can be no interruption to the efficient processing of massive volumes of daily banking transactions. In fact, 92 of the world’s top 100 banks rely on mainframes because of their ability to process huge volumes of transactions efficiently. For example, mainframes process more than $7.7 trillion USD in credit card payments annually and support 29 billion yearly ATM transactions (another $1.7 trillion USD) The newest generation of mainframe processes an astonishing 12.5 billion transactions per day, against fully encrypted data.