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Test and launch effective ads

Published By: Qualtrics
Published:  Oct 04, 2018
Length:  24 pages

Advertising is a high-risk game. Done well, ads break through the noise, spark conversations about your brand, drive demand, and boost sales. Done poorly, ads bury your messages, damage your brand image, fail to generate revenue, and waste budget on expensive campaigns that fail to deliver.

With so much on the line, getting your ads right is crucial. How do you ensure success? Ad testing.

As the name implies, ad testing is validating your ad with your target audience prior to launch. You can test individual portions of your ad, like messaging, headlines, visuals or calls to action, or even initial reactions to early ad concepts.

Ad testing gives you the following benefits:

  • Predict the effect on purchase intent
  • Make informed go or no-go decisions on a specific ad launch
  • Understand how your brand is perceived
  • Get the highest ROI from your ad spend

Ad testing is one of the best ways to protect your advertising budget and maximize the chances of landing the right messaging with your audience.