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Demand Gen Trends To Know In 2019 (on-demand webinar)

Published By: PGi
Published:  Mar 08, 2019

You may have missed this live webinar, but we’ve got you covered with this on-demand session. Whether you’re a newly appointed demand gen specialist or a well-versed, highly-skilled demand gen ninja, this session is for you to learn about the Demand Gen imperatives for 2019 from the renowned, demand gen master himself, Andrew Gaffney. In this session, you’ll learn about the latest best practices for breaking down the top channels to optimize your demand gen efforts. We’ll discuss everything from how to breathe new life to your lead-gen webinars to creating killer content that drives pipeline.

Key takeaways / what you’ll learn:

  • The top demand gen priorities for marketers in 2019.
  • Top engagement tactics, including best practices for webinars, for marketers, to appeal to buyers.
  • Cool, new initiatives to test and deploy in your modern marketing mix.