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Small Business Networking Essentials

Published By: Cisco EMEA
Cisco EMEA
Published:  Mar 26, 2019
Length:  38 pages

Learn about routing, switching, security, wireless and IP telephones

In today's global economy, small business networking is about reducing your operating costs. It's about reacting quickly to changing markets and customer needs. It's about being prepared for the future.
Routers and switches are the building blocks for all business communications as they can increase productivity, cut business costs, and improve security and customer service.
Small Business Network Benefits:
Routers and Switches allow your Small Business Network to:

Work Anywhere
A host of technologies such as virtual private networks (VPNs) enable mobile employees and teleworkers to work securely at home, on the road, or at customers' offices.
Improving security

Reduce risk and protect valuable business information by installing a networked solution with switches and routers. For example, routers can protect your network with a built-in firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) - specialised software that examines incoming data and protects against attacks.

Reducing operating costs
Routing and switching technologies can make a positive impact on your bottom line. You save expenses by sharing equipment, such as printers, internet access, servers, and services. A reliable network also can grow with your business, keeping you from having to replace it as your needs grow.

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