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The Power of an Active Everywhere Database

Published By: Datastax
Published:  Apr 08, 2019
Length:  10 pages

We live in the age of “multi”. Everything is becoming more complex, more “intelligent”, and more distributed. Hybrid cloud isn’t really the new frontier—some companies have been operating in a hybrid cloud environment for nearly a decade—the new frontier is learning HOW to take full advantage of hybrid cloud without creating data silos or busting the IT budget.

Enterprises are, of course, always looking for ways to make their computer systems faster, more highly available, more fault tolerant, and simpler to scale. But in the age of “multi,” this is becoming harder and harder to do. Imagine running a social network with millions of U.S.-based users and millions of European users. You could host all your servers and data in the United States, but then all of your European users would have a slower experience using your application than their U.S.-based counterparts. You could host all your servers and data in Europe, but then the U.S.-based users would have a slower experience. An obvious solution would be to put your systems/data in both locations, which solves the latency and availability issues but introduces other problems. However, in the age of multi- and hybrid cloud and geospatial distribution, you can’t really afford NOT to run multiple data centers.

So how do you do it?

Let’s first look at how people have done it traditionally.