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Changing Lives: The Future of Healthcare in the Cloud

Amazon Web Services EMEA
Published:  Apr 16, 2019
Length:  12 pages

Whether you are part of a community hospital or global pharmaceutical  company, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you add agility, improve  collaboration and security, create an environment of experimentation,  and drive new technological innovation.

Organisations across the healthcare and life sciences industry use AWS for everything from basic storage to clinical information systems. But it doesn’t stop there. We aim to support and empower experts so they are better equipped to save lives. At every step of the journey, we strive for a mutual commitment. Because when life itself is the goal, only the best will do.

Embrace the future of healthcare with the AWS Cloud.
In this eBook, you will learn about:

  • How the AWS Cloud supports 4,500+ clinical trials for 650,000+ patients in the UK each year
  • Genomic research helping critically-ill children
  • Scalable, secure healthcare innovation
  • And much more

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