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Empower your Developers and Drive Productivity by Leveraging Kubernetes

Published By: AWS
Published:  Jun 04, 2019


Zendesk is a customer service software company that serves over 125,000 organizations around the world. Wanting to create better experiences for its end users and their customers, Zendesk realized that operating on-premises made it difficult for their developers to provision the resources needed to innovate. To simplify the developer experience, Zendesk migrated to AWS and used containers to bolster portability between on-premises and the cloud. Now operating a massive, distributed container-based environment, Zendesk needed an all-in-one monitoring solution that matched their environment's scale and agility.

Zendesk has been an early adopter of Kuberetes, which has allowed them to provide exceptional availability and performance for their customers, and utilizes Datadog as the monitoring solution that can scale with their business in it's explosive growth. Watch our on-demand webinar with Zendesk, Datadog, and AWS to learn how Zendesk leveraged Kubernetes on AWS to empower developers to innovate faster and expand functionality for its customers.

Download our webinar to learn

  • How Datadog helps reduce bottlenecks and keep track of multiple applications, especially in a microservices environment

  • How Zendesk migrated its production workloads to AWS using Kubernetes 

  • The benefits of having a scalable, 3-in-1 platform for your monitoring needs