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Innovate, Inspire, & Build on

Amazon Web Services EMEA
Published:  Jul 31, 2019
Length:  16 pages

Rapid change is underway in the world of digital government. This is not only being driven by huge advances in technology, but also a global community unified by new thinking, bold ideas, and cost-effective, scalable solutions.

Supporting this bright new era of innovation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping to bring these visions to life. From projects that drive tourism through data, to ensuring weather forecasts are always accessible; from finding new homes for orphaned refugees to making certain that election results don’t topple websites, and much more.

Through the most reliable and secure cloud infrastructure with data centers in geographic regions right across the world, we’re helping many of the public sector’s most ambitious thinkers, doers, and builders to make their ideas a reality. To innovate. To inspire others. And to build on.

Embrace the future of digital government in the cloud today.

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