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Published By: Forcepoint     Published Date: Jan 29, 2019
For most organizations, compliance is a bottomless pit of cost and effort. Too many infrastructure components and configuration points, too much data and too many places to put it—there are just too many places for threats to hide.In this session, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Andras Cser shares how to prioritize security and compliance efforts. Specific topics include: - How your auditors are behaving; - Why risk-based prioritization is the only way to find threats; - The importance of context; - Forrester’s recommendations and best practices. Watch this webcast and learn how to make your organization’s journey to the cloud as safe as possible.
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data protection, data security, critical data, intellectual property, dlp, cloud apps, cyber security, cybersecurity, analytics, data loss prevention, data leak prevention, casb, cloud access security broker, compliance, gdpr security, cloud security gateway, csg
Published By: GE Healthcare     Published Date: Feb 23, 2015
Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network relies on Centricity™ Clinical Archive to connect 62 hospitals with disparate PACS & RIS systems, resulting in reduced storage costs and data duplication and increased productivity and enhanced quality of care. Learn more in this case study. Centricity Clinical Archive includes the following product components: Centricity Enterprise Archive, Universal Viewer ZFP, Caradigm eHIE, Centricity Clinical Gateway, NextGate MatchMetrix EMPI, PACSGEAR PacsSCANTM
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xds, cross enterprise document sharing, unified view of patient images, archive & storage, image sharing & management, vendor neutral archive (vna), centricity clinical archive, mobile image capture, enterprise archive, archiving services, zero footprint viewer, image archive, dicom storage
GE Healthcare
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